Groundwater, the hidden resource

Public awareness

Lack of adequate scientific concepts and lack of public awareness which has great influence on the implementation of projects, are considered to be the two major sources for effective hydrogoelogical practices.

Public awareness and education is often an important part of the most comprehensive municipal groundwater protection programs. Public awareness can have a number of benefits:

  • Help local officials and the broader community understand the need to protect groundwater resources
  • Build support for protection efforts in sensitive groundwater areas such as wellhead protection areas and regional recharge areas
  • Create an alert and informed community that may be helpful in promoting protection programs amongst neighbors
  • Encourage individuals to implement voluntary remedial measures, such as reducing the risk of land use practices.

Special education may be developed to increase the awareness of education of specific groups whose activities may pose a unique groundwater pollution risk. For example, it may be advisable to educate rural residents in sensitive groundwater areas that their land use practices may be a potential source of groundwater contamination that could affect their drinking water supply. 

Case Studies

Case Studies